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Making paper flowers card making and scrapbooking tutorial / walk through guide


Hiya, as promised here is my walk through guide / card making and scrapbooking tutorial on how to make your own handmade paper flowers.


To begin making your paper flowers with we need to make a template (these templates will work for both types of flowers), to make your templates you will need some strong, thick, heavy-duty card, it doesn’t matter what the card has on it so scraps or things you  have around the house will be fine as long as  its strong as nobody will ever see the template.

Once you have found the appropriate card you need to begin by drawing  a  circle, the base  of an  egg cup would work well to draw around and  I also usually do  a smaller one as well to give myself a  choice of size (my circles are approximately 5cm in diameter and 2cm in diameter,  it doesn’t need to  be precise you can do whatever size circle you like the look of the  process will be the same and will still work perfectly). When your circles are drawn out you need to draw six petals around your circle (you could do more than six if you wish this  process is quite flexible but for this demo I have gone for 6). Your petals do not need  to be perfect as long as they look vaguely petal shaped your flowers will still come out looking pretty (whether  you do round or pointed petals or both  or even some other shape). When you  have finished drawing  them cut them out and they  should look something  like  the  picture below.

Now that your templates are ready I will take you through first one type of flower and then the other.

For the first type of flower  you  need to draw  around your  template (for this flower you need 3 and a half  layers to make one complete flower so  either draw 4 and cut one in half, make  in batches of two complete flowers and draw around the template 7 times or draw around the template 3 times and then  just draw around half  of  the template at  one of the papers edges). When  you have drawn all of your flower pieces cut them all out.

   Next  you need to start cutting up flowers (some people like to bend  lines in their card or paper across the center from the edge of each petal to get a clear point of where the center is before cutting, I don’t bother  because as long  as  you cut it close enough it will still work fine you  don’t need to be precise with  these).


For the first flower piece you need to cut just a slit from one edge of one petal in  to the center (as shown in the first picture above), for the second flower piece you cut one petal out completely and for the third you cut two  petals out completely (as shown in the second picture above). You should be left with 6 pieces when you include the half that you cut out earlier one with 6 petals, one with 5, one with 4, one with 3 (your half), one with 2 and one  with  1.

Now you are ready to start sticking them together for this I would use any glue that dries clear (the cheaper the better because you use a lot) any  glues that you bought thinking they would be good and found  you didn’t like, but could bear to throw away incase you found a use for it, this is what you use them for . If you don’t have any glues to use up cheap pva is the way to go, whatever you do don’t use up your good expensive glues on this.

The picture above is of the second largest one as I thought this would be easier to see in the picture (it is the same process for the largest one). You put your glue along one of the cut lines in your petal and then pull the petal on the other side of the cut lines round to sit on the glued petal forming a slightly coned shape (I use wooden clothes pegs  to hold this together whilst the glue is drying) , for the largest one (6 petals) once it is glued you leave it as it is but when you repeat the process with the smaller ones you need to cut the end of the cone off so that your petals form a tube as pictured below and when you get to the ones that only have 1,2 or 3 petals you will need to roll the card on itself slightly to get the one side to stick to the other.


In reality at this point I set these flowers aside and went on to do the next demo whilst these were drying but for the purposes of the walk through I will continue through the process but please do be aware that you need to give them at least a little time for the glue to start to hold (time varying depending on your glue type).

The next step once your glue is dry is to remove your pegs and then start to curve and shape each petal a little, some people use pencils, or pokey tools for this but I personally find it easier to just use my fingers to curve the card around.

   When this is done you can begin to glue them together, to do this you take the largest piece (the one without the hole through it) and put quite a lot of glue in to the cone.

You then take your next size down and sit it inside the larger one making sure that the bottom part of petals sit in the glue and then pour more glue in to the center of that set of petal and sit the next one in and so on. Dont worry if your flower looks like a big gluey mess at this point as long as it’s a clear drying glue it will be fine.

  Your flower is now complete, you will need to set it aside for a good long time to dry (i tend to leave them overnight), when it is dry it will be pretty solid because of the amount of glue used and you can either use an ink pad to decorate the edges of the petals or go round the edges of them with a quickie glue pen and dunk them in a pot of glitter. Also its worth mentioning that you don’t have to just make these from paper or card in the picture above there  is a selection of both pointed and rounded petal flowers all made using the same process, there are also some made of felt and even some made out of baby wipes that I used to clean up after inking things and I thought would look pretty so try anything that you think will look good.

For the next type of flowers we are using the same templates that you made for the first ones but a different process. The amount of times you draw around your templates for these is really up to you but I would  say you would want to do it a minimum of 3 times. When you have drawn around your templates a sufficient amount of times you then need to cut them all out and have a clear area ready where you can spray them with water (or ink or mica misters if you don’t mind messy paws like me lol) either way be prepared for spraying liquid.

Lay all of your petals out in your prepared area and spray with liquid until damp (I have used an ink spray and water for this demo and ended up with very green hands).

Pick up each layer individually and scrunch it up in your hands ( I tend to scrunch it up as much as I can then carefully unravel it and scrunch it a couple more times. Once this is done for all of your layers, layer them up on top of one another as shown in the picture below.

Now you have two different options, the first is to take your pokey tool and poke a hole through the center of all of your layers and then use a nice brad to hold them together and then spritz once more with water until quite damp and scrunch the petals forward around the brad. Giving you the flower below.

Te second is to spray the petals with more water whilst they are layered on top of one another until very very wet and then from the bottom of the layers pinch the center of the layers together whilst pushing the petals forward.  Giving you another different type of flower.


Your flowers are now complete and again as with the first type of flowers once they are dry you can then decorate as you choose (in the last picture I have included some of the wet scrunch flowers done with the round petal template and inked after drying.

Your homemade flowers are now complete I hope you have enjoyed my card making and scrapbooking tutorial / walk through guide on how to make your own homemade paper flowers please feel free to let me know how you get on with making your own.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope this is useful to someone out there. If you have any comments or queries I would be happy to hear from you.

Lindsay xx


How to make a layered bow card making or scrapbooking tutorial/ walk through guide


 Hello as promised this is my walk through guide / card making or scrapbooking tutorial on how to  make a layered bow it’s really very easy to  do and  I will take you through step by step how to make your  own handmade version at home.

To begin making your layered bow you need to take your ribbon and cut the various lengths of ribbon that you want (for  this one I have used 3 lengths of ribbon but you can  have as many or as few as you want), when cutting out the ribbon I normally double back the ribbon before cutting so I can see what size loops the ribbon would make.  Whatever size ribbon and  however many layers you choose to have the process is the same. Begin by doubling over your ribbon and checking the size of the loop you will make, the first one you cut will be your biggest loop so judge it against the space you want it to fill, when you have cut the first one judge the next one against the first making it slightly smaller and so on and so on. Once you have all your layers cut you will need to cut another small piece of ribbon, the size of this piece of ribbon  depends on the width of your ribbon and the number of  layers you have as it needs to be long enough  to wrap around the center of your layered loops at least once  to seal them at the back.

When you have all of your  pieces of ribbon cut take either double-sided tape or a clear drying glue gel and place a small amount on the inner side  of  the ribbon (if your ribbon has a right side and a wrong side) at the very end and then bring the other end around to stick to it forming a circle as in the  picture above.  Then  put another small piece  of glue  or tape to the end you just stuck down (on the inside of your circle) and press the front of the circle to the back join that you put the glue on forming a figure 8 shape from your circle as in the picture above. Repeat this process with each of your loops  (keeping the smaller extra piece separate to one side), when they are all done take your largest figure 8  and put a little adhesive on  the middle of the front of your figure 8 (where it is stuck  to form the figure 8 ) take the next size down and layer that centrally on  top of  the first. Do  this with all of your layers and when they are all layered take the smaller piece and wrap it around the area where the layers join sealing it and sticking it at the back.

Your homemade  layered bow is now complete I hope you have enjoyed my cardmaking and scrapbooking tutorial / walkthrough guide, please feel free  to let me know how you get on  with making your  own versions at home.

Thank you for looking at my blog and any comments you have would be greatly appreciated.


Lindsay xx