Time Card stepper card making tutorial/ walk through guide


 Hi, here is another card I have made using PanPastel. All  stamps used for this card come from one set of  creative expressions stamps.

This card making tutorial / walk through guide will take you through how to  make your own homemade version of  this card, I have included measurements and step  by step instructions and I hope you will find it helpful in your card making.

To begin making  this card I took a piece of brown shimmery textured card 35cm x 25.5cm, with  the card in portrait position I scored a line across from  side to side at 2.5cm from the bottom of the card,  5cm  from the bottom  of the card and 17.5cm from the bottom  of the card. Folding these score lines  as mountain valley  mountain  to make the base card.

Next I took a piece of black card, stamped out my background (clock faces and cogs) twice along side one another using perfect medium  and white PanPastel and a sofft tool to apply colour  to  the  image, I also used the same white  on black process for the greeting using the same piece of card, then cut out the background (both stamped images as one piece) and  cut out  the greeting at a slightly slanted angle. Next I took a white piece of card and stamped my main  image three times (separately) and  also the single clock face I cut out the clock  face and then the first main image at full size. I then cut out the second main image 1cm smaller on each edge and the third a further  0.5cm smaller on each edge. Once cut out, I layered the three main images on top of one another (making sure that each image lined  up with the one below) using foam pads  to stick them. Then I layered my  topper, background  and greeting all on to silver mirror board using  wet glue  and set to one side to dry.

Finally I stuck  a piece of ribbon horizontally across the main card and used the same ribbon to make a layered bow and stuck that to the left of the front step of  the card and then stuck the clock face I cut out earlier to the right of the front step of the card. Next i took my background and stuck that to  the left of the main card front (overlapping the ribbon)  and then stuck the topper in the center of the background and  the greeting slanted  and slightly overlapping the background and the ribbon on the right hand side of the main card.

Your homemade card is now complete, I hope you have enjoyed reading my stepper card making tutorial / walk through guide, please feel free to let me know how you  get on with making your own handmade cards.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Your comments are  very much appreciated.

Lindsay xx


About craftymonster81

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts of many different kinds and have recently found that card making / paper craft is a real passion for me. I draw / paint alot of my own designs for my cards but also use products from many of the well loved crafty names out there too. I am currently looking for work as an illustrator / craft designer and have now set up a page on this blog called My Artwork Gallery to show some of my work. I love to see your comments on either my artwork or my cards so please feel free to leave any comments you may have and if anyone is interested in any of my artwork please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking at my blog. Lindsay xx

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  1. It is hard to capture a moment in time, but I think you did exactly that with this card Lindsay. So many layers of stamping! The more I look at it, the more I see!

  2. This is stunning Lindsay, so beautiful with fab textures and colours, very inspiring. I think I’ll try to find Pan Pastels too, they give a nice effect.


  3. Hiya thanks for your lovely comments, it really means a lot to me. If you want to find PanPastels and you live in the UK you can get them from http://www.yourcreativitystore.com/categories/PanPastel/ and I believe they will be in the art section at the NEC in Nov (with Kerry our lovely design team leader doing crafty demo’s in the mornings). If you are looking for PanPastels in America I believe they are sold by art stockists there but will let you know if i get any information on places that definately sell them.
    Thanks again
    Lindsay xx

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