Lily Birthday Card Tutorial / walk through card making guide made using PanPastels


Hi here’s another of the  cards I have made using PanPastels. In this walk through guide / card making tutorial I will take you through how  to make your own homemade handmade version of my  lily birthday card. Of course when making it at home it doesn’t have to be a birthday card if you don’t want it to be.

To begin making this card I started with a white piece of A5 card and began by covering  the bottom half of the  card (with the card laying portrait) with the yellow PanPastel I applied the colour using the sofft sponges (that can be bought from Your Creativity store) when i was happy with the yellow half I used the  other  side of the same sponge to  apply the green from the top down and when the two met at the  middle I used the yellow  to go slightly over the top of the green to  blend the two colours in the middle.  Next I began stamping the lily’s all around  the edges of  the page using perfect medium and using  a sofft tool  applied a mixture of dark green  PanPastel and mica powder  (I mixed the PanPastel myself to  get the green I wanted and then added green mica powder to the mixture).

  When the whole  page was finished I buffed it a little using paper kitchen towels.

Next I took a piece of white glossy card and stamped  and embossed the image using a mixture of white embossing powder and green PanPastel . Then  coloured in the  lily  with  very pale mixtures of  PanPastel  colours and cut around the outside of the design with scissors.

To put  the whole  card together I then took  a pale green A5  base card and  a piece of green mirror board  trimmed to 12cm x 19cm,  I embossed a simple corner pattern  in  the top left  corner  and bottom right corner  of  the  green  mirror board and  then  stuck it with flat glue in the  center of the base card. Next I trimmed the card with the mica lily’s to fit inside the embossed pattern of the  mirror board (keeping  the waste after trimming) and stuck it down. I stamped the greeting on to the waste card with the  lily’s on it,  coloured  using more of the green  with mica mixture, mounted it on to another small  piece  of green mirror board and stuck it diagonally  across the  bottom left corner of the card. Finally I  took a piece of  yellow ribbon and  a piece of green ribbon  and used them both to tie one bow which I stuck to the  top right hand corner of the card.

Your homemade card  is complete I hope you have enjoyed my card making tutorial for the lily birthday card please feel free to  let me know how you get on  with making your own homemade cards.

Thank you  for looking, please feel free to  leave any comments, questions or suggestions.

Lindsay xx


About craftymonster81

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts of many different kinds and have recently found that card making / paper craft is a real passion for me. I draw / paint alot of my own designs for my cards but also use products from many of the well loved crafty names out there too. I am currently looking for work as an illustrator / craft designer and have now set up a page on this blog called My Artwork Gallery to show some of my work. I love to see your comments on either my artwork or my cards so please feel free to leave any comments you may have and if anyone is interested in any of my artwork please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking at my blog. Lindsay xx

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comments, the PanPastels are really good to use because there are so many different ways to use them, I tried using them as a base under alcohol inks the other day for one of the upcoming blog challenges and the results were fantastic!
    Thanks again
    Lindsay xx

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