Never ending card – step by step guide / tutorial


Hello,  and welcome to my step  by step   guide / tutorial  on how to make a never  ending card.

The first step to  make this card is measure and cut out 4 pieces of card measuring 8  inches  by 4 inches (this  will make an 8×8  card when finished). Once  you  have your 4 pieces of card  the next step  is to measure and  score a  line 2 inches in  going  down the length of  the card vertically  on all 4 pieces  of card. Then measure and a line 2 inches in going horizontally at both  the top and the bottom of two of the pieces of card.

We are now ready  to start assembling the card. With the 2 pieces of  card that are scored both horizontally and vertically line them up next to each other so that the lines meet to form  a square in the center.

Place  your double-sided tape or glue inside the smaller boxes  (formed by your score lines) at the outside edges (or corners) of the card  as shown in  the picture above.  Once you have done this you  need to stick down the your other 2 pieces of card,  if you have the break between the first two pieces going vertically as in the picture above the next two will need to  be stuck down  with the break between them going  horizontally as shown in the picture below. Please note you need to line up the pieces of card exactly so if you do not have a steady hand it may be easier to use a wet glue rather than tape, allowing you  time to slide the pieces in to place.  Of course if you do use wet glue you  will need to wait for it to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Now your card is assembled. Before moving on i recommend going through each stage of opening the card and using a bone folder (or  a ruler if you don’t have a bone folder just make sure you don’t have pencil residue on it so that you don’t end up with nasty grey pencil smudges). Once this is done i usually open the card through each stage a few more times to  ensure that the folds are loose and move smoothly.

For this demonstration  i have approached decorating the card by first  covering  the card with peach paper and then cutting out 6 squares of  3 and a half by 3 and a half inches and 8 rectangles of 1  and a half by 3  and a half inches  for my images, so that the images sit nicely between the score lines. However if you like distressed effects you could decorate the card with one large sheet of paper for each section (as opposed to 3 smaller  ones) for your images as the creases of the score lines work very well with the distressed effect.

To put my images on to  the card i have stamped on to  the pieces i measured and  cut out earlier, using perfect medium and then using a large soft brush, dusted mica  powders on to the stamped image for a soft shimmery effect. (If you don’t have an appropriate brush a  blusher brush is ideal for this.)

Finally i have stuck my images on  to my card and used border peel offs to finish.


Your hand made card is now complete

I hope you find this tutorial helpful but  if you  have any questions  or are unsure of anything please leave a comment and i will do my best to answer them. Thanks for looking.


About craftymonster81

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts of many different kinds and have recently found that card making / paper craft is a real passion for me. I draw / paint alot of my own designs for my cards but also use products from many of the well loved crafty names out there too. I am currently looking for work as an illustrator / craft designer and have now set up a page on this blog called My Artwork Gallery to show some of my work. I love to see your comments on either my artwork or my cards so please feel free to leave any comments you may have and if anyone is interested in any of my artwork please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking at my blog. Lindsay xx

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