Mozpoz framed card – step by step guide/ tutorial


Hi, this is my walk through guide/ card making tutorial to making a framed card like  the  one  above, I hope you like it.

To make this card I began with an A3 piece of centura  pearl cardstock, scored it in  the center to make an A4 card base and then used my ink blending tool (you can also use cut and dry foam or basic make up sponges) to colour the front of the card using a green distress ink pad.

Next i took a piece of water-colour paper sized 15cm x 25cm and painted a basic background using pearlesant water-colour paints for the sky and darker matt water  colours for the trees.  This is easy to do even if you are not artistic, begin by selecting two colours for the sky,the easiest way to do this is to have two brushes, one for each colour and  then paint in small  patches of colour switching between the two and blending them together whilst the paint is still wet.  (Try to begin  with small areas as watercolour paint dries quickly and is much more difficult to  blend  the colours once dry).

When your sky layer is dry choose a darker matt colour to paint your trees in, if you are not confident about painting the trees begin with stick figure style trees and build them  up until you are happy with them. Remember the background does not need to be perfect as your character will be the main focus of your card. Once finished lay to one side to dry.

Next we move on to your character, I have used one  of my own designs / illustrations (a little lizard man named Mozpoz) however you could use any stamped character that you already have. You need two copies of your character, once stamped or drawn colour them in colours that compliment your background and cut them out.

Now your background should be dry  and can be glued in the center of your base card using a  flat glue such  as photo glue,  pva or double-sided tape. Next i took some green textured paper and cut wavy hill shapes in to it and layered over the background to  create the ground.  (inking textured paper can give nice  results too) 

Once this is all stuck down take  one of the characters you cut out and coloured earlier and stick it on to  your background  (the bottom of your character lining  up with  the bottom of your background)  once again  using flat glue.

Next i used an embossing board to emboss several leaves, cut them out and coloured them using the blending tool  and distress ink.  If you do not like embossing or cutting out you could use embellishments that you have in your stash and you are not limited to leaves, flowers, hearts, or presents would all work well. Once you have all of your embellishments ready stick them using  silicone glue,  glue gel or foam pads around the  edges of your main picture overlapping each other to create a frame. If you are not confident about sticking them down straight away  lay them out first to be sure you like the way you have them arranged. This will give you your dimensional frame.

When you have your frame stuck in place the next step  is to  stick your second copy of your character over the top of the first one this time using silicone glue, glue gel or foam  pads to give him  a dimensional look  and make him stand out. If you find  it difficult to line  things  up i   would recommend sticking to either  silicone or 3d glue gel as you have greater manoeuverability with  these.

Finally i used an embossing board to create scroll  shapes  and used  individual letter stamps  to stamp my greeting (you could also use any die cut greetings you have if you prefer) i used silicone glue to stick these down at a jaunty angle overlapping the frame to add to the dimensional effect of the card.

This completes your homemade card.

I hope you enjoyed my first step by step card making guide,  i would love to hear any comments you have and if you have any questions  i will do my best to answer them. Thanks for looking.


About craftymonster81

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts of many different kinds and have recently found that card making / paper craft is a real passion for me. I draw / paint alot of my own designs for my cards but also use products from many of the well loved crafty names out there too. I am currently looking for work as an illustrator / craft designer and have now set up a page on this blog called My Artwork Gallery to show some of my work. I love to see your comments on either my artwork or my cards so please feel free to leave any comments you may have and if anyone is interested in any of my artwork please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking at my blog. Lindsay xx

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  1. Very nice card! I love the different techniques described above and I adore your card’s layers. From the painting of the tree background, to the hills layer, to the frame and sentiment, and to the final character, Mozpoz. Great stuff!

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